Monday, October 3, 2011

The Scientific Method

    1.  Problem: Will the bean plants grow better in peach mix or water.
    2. Background Knowledge: Most people use water on plants.
    3. Hypothesis:I think the plant will grow better if we use water instead of the peach mix.
    4. Materials:Cups, soil, beans, peach mix, water, ruler, graduated cylinder.
    5. Method: Get materials. Fill the cup half way then put the bean on the cup then fill the rest of the cup with soil. The the same thing with another cup and bean.Water one of the plants with water and the other with peach mix. Everyday water one of the plants with water and the other with peach mix. When the plants start growing measure the plant each day. At the end of 3 weeks check which plant grew more.
    6. Experiment: Did it
    7. Collect Data: Turned it in.
    8. Conclusion: The plant with water was growing faster but at the end both of the plants ended up growing the same height.
    9. Questions for Extensions:No Questions

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