Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Poem

As I run down the frozen path the snow crunches like little bones. I breath in and breath out. The air gashes my lungs. The breeze is burning my cheeks. I stop as soon I see a deserted house. It is getting cloudy and the house is dark and desolate. My heart is pounding so fast it feels like thunder in my chest. 


  1. Hey Cesar!
    My name is Hillary Parmer, and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. Your poem is fantastic! You are very poetic and creative. I think this poem deserves a better title than just "My poem". You should give it something a bit more creative and descriptive of what the poem is about! Great job Cesar!

    Hillary Parmer

  2. Cesar your poem is very creative. I like how you said " As I run down the frozen path the snow crunches like little bones" it seems like a very dreadful sayings and it goes with the rest of the mood in your poem. Great good keep it up.

  3. Hello Cesar! I like all your scary words you use. It sets the moods. Where you just taking a nice jog then all of a sudden you came to a deserted cabin?

  4. cesar i like your poem it was really good but i think it needs a better title too,but it was great.



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