Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety Story

Once there was a boy named Jason. He had many friends on Facebook. One day he got bored one day and decided to take pictures of himself naked. Many of his friends commented on the picture. Even people he didn't know posted stuff about his picture. A girl started talking to him. They decided to meet at the beach. The next day he went to the beach. He waited and waited. It was almost sundown and was about to leave. A man came up to him and asked him if his dad's name was Jim. Jason didn't know the man but he thought his dad knew so he started to talk to him.
     Later Jason told the man that he needed to go. The man asked him if he wanted a ride. Jason told him yes.When they were halfway to his house the man asked him if wanted a pop. Jason took it and drank. After a while he fell asleep. When Jason woke up in a dark room and he only had his boxers on. The man told him his name was called Johnathan. He had a gun in his hand. He pointed it at Jason and shot. No one ever found Jason's body.

This story was inspired by the videos of


  1. That is a creepy post i wish they would have found his body and he shouldn't have gone the beach.

  2. sorry i meant to say gone to the beach

  3. that was a good story but how did u come up with this u should've made it longer

  4. This is a very weird and creepy story.And yeah what Alex said you should of made it longer but, it was a good story.

  5. This is a very creepy story, I'm not saying its bad but its creepy. And yes, the one word was her password and yes, I know I messed up that word too. Jose also said that to me also. Why did he have to get shot? Why did he get in the car with that guy?

  6. Dude what kind of stupid person takes a soda from an unknown creep.Other than that the story was awesome. It reminded me of the movie Lovely Bones..

  7. I agree with the rest, this story is creepy but not in a bad way. Its a good story, you should've made it longer though. I thought it had a powerful message about not getting into a stranger's car. Your really good at writing stories Cesar! :D



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