Thursday, November 17, 2011

When school was over and Karla and I were heading back to our house. Our bags were packed for their trip to the lake with our parents . I didn't want to go to the lake because his dad told me I had to spend time with his step sister and his step mom. Karla also didn't like me and his dad. They started to load up the car with their stuff. When they were on their way I put on his earphones so he wouldn't here anybody talking. After a while I fell asleep. When I woke up they were parked on a gas station, so I decided to go back to sleep. When I woke up again they were at the lake. I got all my stuff and went inside. Everything was dark and mysterious inside the house. I went up stairs to find a room. The first room was taken by my parents. I kept on going the second room looked old. I opened it and in the room was my sister laying in the bed. I closed the door and went to the last room in the hall. It was very big and had a king size bed and a big dresser. There was some other doors that led outside to the balcony. I decided that I would go to sleep.
When I woke up the sun was barely rising. I went outside to the balcony. I had a great view of the lake. It looked like paradise to him. It was like something you would see in a movie. After a while I went down stairs to see if anyone was awake. My dad and step mom were there. They were both drinking coffee and talking about something. I got some cereal and sat down beside my dad. They were talking about renting a boat to take Karla and me around the lake. I was about to protest but  was just going to tell his dad that he didn’t feel good. When his sister woke up it was about 11:20. She just sat down just sat down beside her mom and listened to their conversation.                   
She said that she would jump out the boat and drown herself if they took her. I told her to go ahead and do it cause nobody wanted her around anymore. My dad told me to calm down and if I said anything like that again I would be grounded.
When we were about to go get the boat I told him that I felt like crap. He said OK but you don’t know what your missing out on. When they left I started to watch t.v. After an hour I got bored and decided to go to the lake. I started walking when I heard a crash in my sister’s room. I thought who cares. Its not my stuff. I started to walk out again then I heard something around the kitchen. I decided that it was probably a raccoon or something like that. I went to check it out. The kitchen looked like usual except there was a knife in the middle of the floor. I picked it up and put it on the sink. When I walked out I heard the same noise. I decided to ignore it. 
I started to walk down the path that probably lead to the lake. Then something passed by my head. I heard a thud. I looked around and saw something stuck in a tree. I walked towards it. It was the the knife from the house. It was stuck on the tree pretty good. I tried to take it out but it wouldn’t even budge a little bit. It was very freaky I thought no one was out here except me. I started to look around  but I didn’t see  anyone. There was only trees and the path I was walking  on. I was freaked out but I just kept walking to the lake.                                        When I got to the lake I went in until it got to my knees. It felt cold. I just jumped in and it fell warm. I started to swim under water. I started to swim far away from the shore. When I got tired I started to float on my back. I felt the water started to get very cold. I was swimming back to the shore but then something pulled me down. I opened my mouth for air but I only got a mouthful of water. I saw the light of the sun faint. I felt it let go so I swam up. When I was about to break into the surface it pulled me back down. I was  starting to feel dizzy. It let me go again then I swam back to the surface. When I popped out I gasped for air. My head was hurting I felt so confused. What had pulled me down?
thunderstorm today by random coil    

I started to swim to the shore as fast as I could. When I got to the shore I ran on the path that I came from. I felt rain pouring and then I heard thunder. Then I heard something move. I ran faster. I climbed a tree and went all the way to the top. A heard a loud crack. Everything went black.

The picture I drew with Paint on computer.


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